Another sip from the crazy koolade

First we were supposed to swallow that "being independent" means "doing what we told him to."

Now, there's a secret blogger who has started because of the lack of discussions "of
issues regarding the 24th congressional race from an independent point of view. "

So what does Secret Blogger do... why, of course, meet that need of an independent view by creating a blog stating that "The intent of this blog is to bring up issues that prove that Ray Meier is the better candidate"


Consider this... Ray Meier voted to lower taxes 222 times. In the tone of the Church Lady, "How special." Has anyone in the District or Oneida County seen their taxes lowered 222 times? And how nice of you all to refund property taxes to Oneida County residents. But you know... we have the hightest sales tax in the state that makes all the dollar stores here really $1.10 stores. EVERYONE pays sales tax... where's OUR refund?

Ray Meier is associated with "professional people" or at least people who wear suits. Yes, professional like those that we all know are the "worst in the nation." For 5 terms yet.

meier24... yet another reason to vote for Mike Arcuri on Tuesday.

And, no, I'm not linking to Secret Blogger whatever number. If you can't figure it out for yourself, it's time to stop drinking the koolade.



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Anonymous said...

I saw it. Eight hits to the profile. More than were in the HQ when I drove by yesterday though. High impact.