Visitation, Huge Political Contribution, and Dinner

It's going to be a busy day tomorrow here in Utica.

I've previously commented on the Friend of Ray Meier that's visiting tomorrow. Now I'll comment on the visit.

In 2000, I often got a relative up-close-and-personal look at Secret Service, not only when Sen. Clinton ran, but also when she gave the Commencement speech at MVCC. The costs and efforts needed for her to give that speech was stunning. What had the most impact on me, because I always volunteer to act as a Greeter at Commencement, was my additional obligation that day was to confiscate all umbrellas that anyone brought. That was the directive from the Secret Service.

I don't begrudge anyone safety and I was glad that she chose MVCC as the place to give her first commensement speech as a Senator. Students who hadn't considered attending their graduation ceremony did attend because she was speaking. The profit of her visit was students crossing the stage to receive their hard-earned diploma who might otherwise have just waited for the mail to get delivered.

Things will be different tomorrow night.

$1,000 to get a picture with Vice President Cheney. It's $2,000 if you want the little woman in the picture too.

And the profit there goes to Ray Meier.

But that's not all.

Word's out that WKTV will be broadcasting the Veep's speech at the fundraiser as it happens. That's a MASSIVE political contribution Clear Channel is giving Ray Meier. Unless word is wrong and Meier is actually buying that broadcast time from the TV station with some of that $ he's been raising and hording.

Yea... right. I'm not that stupid.

If WKTV does broadcast the Veep speech, I do believe it will be violating FEC rules.
If WKTV does broadcast the Veep speech, I don't believe that it would give Michael Arcuri the same donation.
If WKTV does broadcast the Veep speech, I do believe that the Meier campaign will be knowingly accepting a bad donation.
If WKTV does broadcast the Veep speech... everyone having hissy fits about a so-called "liberal media" can just SHUT UP.

Phew... it was rather nice to get that out of my system.

But it's not a dark day in the Mohawk Valley. We are caring, compassionate, and generous people here. In 1996, when Sherwood Boehlert welcomed Newt Gingrich to Utica and profited by tens of thousands of dollars, many of us gathered for a simple dinner at St. Francis DeSales Church. Now, 10 years later, many will do the same. There is a protest planned for the afternoon prior to the Veep's arrival.

Afterwards, while the less that 30% of the citizenry that still like this Badministration will eat for $150 and buy one soulvenier of the evening for $1,000 (per person), St. Francis DeSales Church will again host a dinner that the other 70% would probably be more interested in. The suggested donation is $2.00 and a dish to share. Proceeds will be donated to an organization which provides assistance to wounded Vets.

Ten years ago, the dinner at St. Francis DeSales was standing room only. Literally. Moving in the room was more like shuffling and wiggling with hope. I'm sure that tomorrow will be the same. And the food will be as satisfying.

Evil works when good people do nothing. So, tomorrow do something. DO. It's not enough to just talk about everything wrong. Words need to become action if anything is to ever change. Don't just stand there. Don't just talk (or write or blog) about how wrong things are. Don't just hope, wish and pray that thing change.


Teach someone new about how we're on the wrong track.
Register a new voter.
Submit a letter to the editor (to EVERY newspaper in the region!)
Put on a bumper sticker.
Volunteer... anywhere that can make a difference.
Get involved in a political campaign.

And I'll ask this of you. If you think this Badministration's taking America in the wrong direction. If you think that things can be a lot better. If you think $1,000 per person for a picture is a but much. (get this... for $60, I can get a picture with Captain Kirk!)

Make a donation to Michael Arcuri.

Remember... the Veep is not here because Meier has so much pull in DC and that the two of them are such buds. No, Cheney is here for one reason only. The NeoCons are desperate to hold on to any and every seat they can. And they'll do everything and anything to do so. Meier's has been bought and sold with this fundraiser. They'll be bringing in even more to deliver him to DC.

I've been active in politics for a long time now. I know that familiarity breeds complacency which too often becomes jadedness. But when it was first announced that Cheney was coming to stump for Meier, my first thought was "oh... oh... god. They've sent the Vice President after us. And people I live and work near are going to pay a thousand dollars a person to get a picture with him."

That's what we're facing. The Vice-President and $2,000 memorabelia.

So, help Michael Arcuri help us.

Click on the Act Blue link in the sidebar... send a check in... donate through Act Blue directly... hey, bring in your pennies (I'll count them myself).

And do something. Volunteer in the campaign. Teach your friends and family about Mike. Spread the word. Send a check. Host a house party or coffee.

Do something so Evil doesn't win.

Another voice

Here's another person's perspective on Michael Arcuri.

Lorraine, if you'd like to ring some doorbells, click here. Everyone else also invited!



My hard drive is back and my nights of reading, crafting and playing with my cat are on hold again. Well, not so much the playing with the cat... That time's just too precious.

As you probably know by now, Dick Cheney is coming to town. Personally, as long as he doesn't deliver a ticket to Guantanimo with my name on it, I'm thrilled he's coming.

Someone like him standing beside Ray Meier shows me clearly what Ray Meier stands for.

Crude, rude talking that we don't accept from our children. At the very least, it was immature, uncivilized and pointless.

Making profits over pain and suffering.

Leaking the name of an undercover operative.

Uber-macho hunting.

Energy Bills made by energy companies.

Influence peddling.

And the list doesn't stop there.

Two items, I could say was coincidence. But this really is a case of where there's smoke, there's a raging inferno.

Certainly, we are protected from guilt by association... oh, never mind. I'm sure there's a list somewhere with my name on it simply because I'm Muslim along with a lot of other names listed for the very same reason. Once upon a time in America, we used to live under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. By naked Imperial decree, that document has been shredded.

Besides, long before America was born, people where known by the company they kept. Standing with this Badministration also means standing for the immorality of the Badministration.

I do find it hilarious though that the Meier crew is trying to spin this visit as a display of the pull the NY State Senator has with the Badministration.

That ocean-front property down the road is still for sale if you buy that spin.

It's the Orwellian newspeak that Shrub is so fond of in action here. Meier doesn't have that pull. Cheney and buddies have that kind of push. And Meier will goosestep along as he always has.

Honestly... if the pull really went the way they want us to believe, would we have really had to wait DAYS before we in Oneida County were declared qualified for FEMA aid after the local flooding that people saw on CNN?

Honestly... if the pull really went the way they want us to believe, would NYRI, the people who would like to bring us the Power Lines and Higher Electricity Costs, have gone to the Badministration for approval for said plans, thereby skirting around state rights?

Honestly... if the pull really went the way they want us to believe, would the Federal minimum Wage be significantly lower than NY's? After all, Central NY is the proverbial ruptured artery when it comes to population loss. Wouldn't that much clout have qualified to at least try to create a level starting field?

Honestly... if the pull really went the way they want us to believe, wouldn't some of those "powerful and influential people" have even noticed that we existed for the last 6 years?

Honestly... (said with a huff)

See How Mike Runs

Well, at least they had a picture of Michael Arcuri running the Boilermaker on the OD web page.

I need a new camera.



See How They Run

Well, it took me long enough, but I finally got to view the Utica Boilermaker. It's the largest 15K race in the country and a summertime fixture in the area. I doubt there's a week in the year that goes by without there being something in the paper about the race.

Michael Arcuri has, I believe, usually run the race. This year, Eliot Spitzer also ran. They both ran the 5K this year.

So, I was up at the (insert your own adjective) hour of 5:00 AM and on the sidewalk at 6:30. Democratic supporters from the Mohawk Valley blew up balloons, handed out bumper stickers and palm cards and cheered loudly as our candidates and friends went by.

It was a very early morning for me, especially as I'd spent yesterday at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. It's going to be a while before my legs recover. But it was a lot of fun and inspiring to watch the runners. I was especially struck by the kids who made the run look easy.

I've been working on campaigns for a long time now. I'm having a lot of fun doing new things this year thanks to the Arcuri campaign. Though all the weekend trips next summer will cost me a fortune!