"We've only just begun..."

I'm realizing that it's going to be hard for me to keep up with this blog the next few weeks. I've been getting numerous new volunteers daily (join the fun) and getting everyone up to speed is taking a good chunk of my time at home as well as lunch. I think the only reason my cat isn't completely pissed at me is because Mike did him a favor years ago.

I've also gotten to drive some more through the amazing 24th CD. That I've been able to see so much more of my backyard is an unexpected perk of the campaign. And it's been years since I was able to enjoy the Fall trees.

Earlier this week, I made a trip to Oneonta to join in the Democratic Committee HQ grand opening. Before we headed back, we stopped for dinner at a
Ruffino's Pizzeria on Main St and filled up on great pizza. I'll definitely be stopping there again.

Now, the roads between Oneonta and Utica can make for an interesting drive. It includes, but is not limited to:
  • breath-taking scenery
  • assorted critters running across the road
  • very slow drivers
  • very fast drivers
  • sharp turns
  • gentle curves
  • posted speed limits ranging from 20 to 55
  • fog
  • bright sun
  • heavy rain
  • snow
  • ice
  • sleet
  • freezing rain
  • drizzle
  • bikers
  • pedestrians
  • and assorted critters who run out in front of cars
The time previous I'd been on that road, I had a car-full of campaign volunteers returning from the first Arcuri-Meier debate. It was a trip that combined a pep rally, debate prep, Crossfire and a road trip with friends.

The other night, I had the solitude of myself and some CDs. White Moon hung just above the hill line and glowed a mournful red. A thin cloud band stretched across it making the first impression of Jupiter much too close to Earth. Even the critters were kind enough to stay on the side of the road until I went by, though I can't say the same about the guy who was taking a night walk wearing much too dark clothes.

There's less than a month left now until Election Day. Granted, the hardest part just started, but what an adventure it's been. And it's only just beginning.