Signs Part 2

Got this from a Volunteer tonight. What a GREAT bunch of people!

In Cortland County, we take great pride in placing Arcuri signs in folk’s yards. We’ve placed about a thousand of them. When one permits us to post a sign, this acts as a bold statement of their support for Mike. A very short list of Mikes ardent supporters are…

Bob and Chris Gregory, Parker Street, Cortland
Henry and Janet Steck, Clinton Street Ext., Homer
Linda Smith, Rt. 11, Marathon
Joaquin and Carol Lira, Prospect Street, Truxton

In the waning days of the campaign Mike’s opponent Ray Meier has apparently received many impressive endorsements of his own as evidenced by his abundant visible yard signs (please see attached). These endorsements include but are not limited to…

Cortlandville Mall
Lackawanna Railroad
Tioghnioga River Bridge Authority
Senior Citizens Highrise Bldg at Pt. Watson Street
Cortland City Parks and Recreation
Cortland Waterworks Dept.
All major State and Federal Highways

This race sure is a dog fight!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Sean Mack PS. GOOOOOOOO MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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