President Bill Clinton visits for Mike Arcuri

Ray Meier welcomes Dick and Mrs. Bush... $1,000 a shot.

Mike Arcuri welcomes Oneida County to meet Bill Clinton... free

Mike Arcuri for Congress... priceless


Cyn_NY said...


Anonymous said...


Sure Maimun, Mike got $1000 also for his campaigning in NYC.

Anything to strectch the truth seems to be what you people stand for.

Too bad only 250 showed up for a free visit with slick Willy!


All you bloggers definitely tried, but the "Anti" Arcuri blogs mad the case, my whole family will Vote Meier.

No Thanks to Arcuri

maimun said...

ano, yes, there was also a fundraiser in NYC, but that's not what this post was about...

"You people" eh? What people would that be, in your opinion?

And what is it that you think was stretched?

You count the same way you read, don't you?

And the one thing you did get right, though I'm sure you didn't mean to... yes, the "Anti" blogs were certainly "mad" ...as in Mad Cow.

Thanks to all those who voted for Arcuri!