The Meier energy plan

In a comment on a previous posting:
Truth Be Told 24 said..."Ummm... did you guys actually read the energy plan or are you going to spend this entire campaign looking for stupid ways to get in cheap shots? It was a publicity stunt, and based on the news coverage it worked. Is anyone going to blog about the actual issues here? Attack the issues that he presented in his energy plan if you want to make a point."

Well, "you guys" is just me and I can't remember any other time I've been accused of getting in cheap shots. I'm not cute either.

But, since TBT24 couldn't be bothered to direct the dialog, I looked over at Meier's 'now arrived' site and took a look at the energy plan that couldn't be seen through the exhaust fumes of the old caddy.

(Reminded me too strongly of the Utica Independence Day Parade in 2004 where I marched behind Sherwood Boehlert as he rode in an antique fire truck. I still don't know if it was dehydration or car exhaust that knocked me off for the rest of the day)

In his "Energy Plan," Meier reminds us of the Energy Crisis of the 1970's. Those were the days where wearing cardigans were cool because our President wore them. Carter also set the tone by not only urging conservation as a good idea, but by also giving us specific tasks and habits to develop that would move us as a nation to real conservation.

Ray Meier has been in political positions since 1978, so I would have liked to see what he offered in answer to "the clear call for action."

He proposes 5 items he "will propose, work and fight for."

The first is "Change the Tone"
In that piece, he states, "Neither are they impressed with sound bites or gimmicks."
Right... That pretty much sums up the publicity stunt.

The second is "Conservation"
In this, he promotes "implement and expand tax credits for fuel efficient vehicles, including a tax credit for retiring fuel inefficient cars."
So, when NYS's Alternative (Clean) Fuel Vehicle Tax incentive Program, which offered credit and an exemption for purchasing a new hybrid vehicle, expired, what did the State Senator do to see that it be extended? Or am I to believe that what's good for the country is not good for NYS?

The third is "Increase Oil Supply"
Without the outrage of this Badministration's Energy Policy developed by the Oil Companies, his statement, "Accessing these reserves, to the extent they are in or near environmentally sensitive areas, should be done under rules developed by independent scientists of impeccable credentials with no ties to oil companies" sounds like a sound-bite and gimmick. (see above.)

The fourth is "Develop a Market in Alternative Fuels"
Again, if this has been such a great idea for so long that Brazil's been far ahead of us for the last 20 years, what tax incentives or research supports have we missed learning about that he delivered? Certainly the Tug Hill windmills, but is that all the 10 years show?

The fifth is "Look at Energy Issues Comprehensively"
Here, the State Senator makes sense, but it's common sense, stating the obvious. "We need to seriously pursue fuel cells, clean coal technology, wind and solar power, and safe nuclear power as sources for new electricity generation which will bring prices down."
I'm still not sold on the possibility of "safe nuclear power" but I also know that I lack the credentials to evaluate that. And some common sense in DC would be a good thing...

beaming out...

car shopping

In a comment left on a previous post, BiDi asked what make of car I wrote about. Because I hope that everyone would do a better job of car shopping, I'm posting these sites that have various search options so anyone can find the best car match for him or herself and hopefully not rely on the comments of a stranger.


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