The Truth About Meier and Taxes

This gives a whole new meaning to "the truth hurts, don't it?"

So, let me get this straight...
Unnamed Repukelican leaders are galavanting across the 24th (are they driving the gas-guzzling 1972 Caddy??) whining that Meier isn't to blame for raising taxes because he was only doing what they told him to?

The Repukelican idea of "standing up" is doing what they tell you to do??

It was bad enough that Meier couldn't stand up against Griffo thereby supporting Oneida County being the highest taxed county in the COUNTRY. It turns out, by their own admission, that he supported a bunch of Repkelican leaders in raising our taxes.

Yup, guess that would show the great fortitude to stand up against Rove/Cheney/Bush.

The Truth is.... that's not what we need.

"Truth Squad" aims to get the facts straight

11/1/2006 3:58 PM
By: New 10 Now Staff
Republicans leaders from several counties calling themselves the "Truth Squad" are traveling across the 24th Congressional District. They're on the attack against TV ads launched against State Senator Ray Meier, their party's congressional candidate.

The leaders say its unfair to claim Meier is responsible for raising sales taxes in their counties when, in fact, he was simply honoring their requests to raise sales tax in order to avoid big property tax hikes to pay for Medicaid. The county leaders praised Meier for honoring the requests and also working on solving the Medicaid issue.

“Our budget is around $160 million this year. Within five years, we will save $42 million in our Medicaid bill because of the legislation that ray Meier pushed for us in Albany,” said Shawn Gray, of the St. Lawrence County Legislature.

“Senator Meier was doing his job, as difficult as it can be sometimes. He stood up. He did what he was requested to do, and if more of our people in Albany would do that, we'd all be better off,” Onondaga County Executive Nicholas Pirro said.

Meier is facing a close race against Oneida County District Attorney Michael Arcuri.

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Anonymous said...

"He stood up. He did what he was requested to do,"

LOL. Which????