Bailing?! No, just Busy (though will be attending the local meeting regarding the NYRI powerline!)

I had an interesting reaction to that last comment left here. It was a 2 sided reaction, but I couldn't tell you which came first or if one was stronger. Here they are in alphabetical order:

And in gym class selection method, I'll cover them in reversed alphabetical order now...

I do like to think that I was a part of making positive changes in my corner of the world last year. I certainly had more fun than I've had in a very long time, got to meet great people, work with people I think dearly of, and I got to see a whole lot of Central New York. And I do have a grateful gleeful joy that Mike Arcuri is our Congressman.

I remember one morning I was driving to work and heard the news broadcast on the radio that our then-DA had announced that they had indicted someone for a murder in town. Remember, I'd helped on Mike's DA campaign and familiar names make ears perk up anyway, so I was paying attention. And almost drove off the road when the radio named someone I knew was the indicted person.

So, these days, it's a lot more pleasant an experience keeping up with the job the Congressman is doing.
Things like LOCAL public meetings about the proposed NYRI power lines

in New Hartford:
Thursday, May 31
6:30 to 8:00 PM
New Hartford High School (33 Oxford Rd)

in Norwich:
Saturday, June 2
2:30 to 4:00 PM
Norwich City Firehouse (31 East Main St)

I have been keeping a watch on how Mike votes and what he does. There was one campaign I had helped (very, very slightly!) that I regret doing, so I feel the need to check up. Plus, I'm in a league in Fantasy Congress and at this writing, I'm winning. The Arcuri '06 campaign is one I'll never regret and in whatever way is best, I'll be there in '08 too.

OK, I'll grant that I haven't been blogging about politics this year, though certainly I've had opinions and shared them at time. But not here not yet. As a Democratic Committeemember, I've shared opinions and cast votes. As a resident, I've had political conversations with other residents.

But these days, I've been putting my efforts into making jewelry, making books, getting better with Photoshop, playing with my cat, reading, writing, getting together with friends, etc, etc.

Basically, Life and all it contains. Absolutely, politics is an infection that I'll never be cured of, but neither I nor this blog will be consumed by it.

Life's too interesting, too full for any one thing to take it over. It took the political season of last year to really drive home that fact to me. Not because the campaign took over but because there were other things I would not let go of.

My opinion on things? Oh, I always have an opinion, but for now, I'm going to try planting Telaxian tomatoes.