Major Endorsement Announced

This'll probably come back to bite me, but it's just too funny to pass up.

God has endorsed Michael Arcuri and God wants you (or at least someone named Ned) to make a big donation to him.

Really. He said so on his blog. God, that is. Click here to see for yourself.

And here I've been wishing that I could do a better job of posting my pieces. If, in the midst of everything going on in the Everything, God can still make the time to write a blog, I have no excuse not to write. Then again, He can literally "make time" and I can't.

Seriously though, and I haven't yet read that whole blog other than that one piece, but I get a little suspicious whenever I hear public people talking about God. Whether it's religious or political leaders seeking to pull forth the Day of Judgement, or others saying that God has no business outside the church, I have yet to hear public discussions that reflect my beliefs.

I have had private discussions about God, faith, belief and actions, but most public talk seems to melt down into "Only mine" vs "none" and that's just not a dichotomy that works for me.

But then, killing people to stop abortions doesn't make sense to me either. And those guys arrested in Florida yesterday... did they know that the Sears Tower architect was Muslim?

Anyway, I'll keep being suspicious of those who seem to find it so easy to use God's name in obtaining their wants. I like to think that I'm following the Path, but as Joan of Arc said--- If I'm on the Path, I pray God help me stay there. If I'm not on the Path, I pray He help me get on it.

And one last thought... there's another multiple personality blogger who stated that Mike is not a demon and now God weighs in. I thought this campaign was huge, but I didn't think it was THIS huge! So, click here and do your share to ensure a better future.


Where in the 24th? (ETA)

In the choice between Michael Arcuri and Ray Meier, who do you plan to vote for?

I ask because a teacher, even though he's retired and I'm long passed my high school years, once again got me to see more than I saw. Not too long ago, I put up a Frappr map here because I was so enjoying so much of NYS as I helped on the campaign for Michael Arcuri for Congress. I just put up tags on the places I've visited, but thought nothing more of that.

Tonight, I saw said teacher and he commented on my campaign pin. As we talked further, he told me he was supporting Mike. When he came to this site, he asked to be added to the map.

My first reaction was to respectfully decline saying that it was just a plain map showing locations. But before I sent the message, I realized that the map could be not just a tally of places, but also an interesting visual of all the people supporting Mike.

So, if you're a supporter of Michael Arcuri, send me a response telling me why (only for my eyes... I can't do anything if you lie, but that's between you and your soul), include your email, and I'll send you an invite to the map.

Sad stuff:
I hereby reserve the right to remove people for violating nettequite.
The Arcuri for Congress campaign has no responsibility over the map and the two do not interact.
This map has been posted for fun, curiousity, and solidarity. I will dissolve it should that spirit be threatened.

ETA: Forgot to add this last night... Your comments with email addresses will not be posted to this site should you respond to this posting. If you want your comments to be made public, post them WITHOUT your email address and ask that I make it public. I'm not saving emails and you're not going to get added to any list. If you want to volunteer on Mike's campaign, click here.


Free the Elephant!

I watched an show on Animal Planet today about the "Cave Elephants." There's a herd of elephants in a particular region who must get their salt intake by entering a deep cave and actually mine the salts out. They've been doing this for years. But some time ago (I missed the year mentioned), a group of ivory poachers ambushed the herd as they were attempting the exit the narrow mouth of the cave. Some of the herd survived and they are still a part of the herd that currently lives there. From what the show was saying, they either never returned to that cave until very recently, or they rarely returned there. In a spine-tingling way, they stopped next to what the native tribe there calls "Poachers' Rock" on their way down the mountain side. To me, it reminded me of saying a prayer beside a gravestone.

Elephants have always filled me with awe. They display a very strong social formation, they communicate in ways we're barely starting to become aware of, and they have demonstrated a gentleness and thoughtfulness that we sadly don't expect from "animals." During the tsunami of last year, there were documented cases of elephants saving humans.

So, I never blamed the elephant for being chosen as the symbol of the Republicans. To be wise, gentle, strong, caring, with good memories and communications abilities is certainly something to strive for. And it's not like the Elephant bought their way into becoming that symbol. They didn't lobby for the job. They didn't even get it because of who their daddy was. No, it's not the elephant's fault that it's the logo of the nightmare we're in today.

But I propose a new image for the new GOP. With the evident lack of wisdom, gentility, strength, compassion, memory and good communications, the elephant just doesn't fit the image they portray now.

Consider this:
not important: Bush lying to get the country into war
important: Clinton got a blow-job

not important: Fox news director announcing his relative won Florida
important: Janet Jackson's wardrobe

not important: Saddam was supported by Rumsfeld
important: Saddam was a regional threat

not important: Saddam had nothing to do with the attack on NYC
important: "Saddam and al-Qaida, Saddam andal-Qaida, Saddamandal-Qaida..."

not important: poverty rates continue to climb
important: gay people want to get married!!

not important: senior citizens often need to choose between rent, food and medicine
important: Terry Schaivo

therefore, I hereby propose a new symbol for the GOP. The Red Herring. It was interesting that the 6th image to come up on Google images from a "red herring" search was this. Hey, if the shoe fits...