This Restarts as Summer Stops

It must be something about the ending of summer that brings me back to the computer and this blog. I've been enjoying the tomatoes as well as other goodies from the garden and farmers' markets, I've been soaking up sunshine and warm breezes while my cat enjoys his naps in the bed of catnip. I've been expanding my jewelry collection at Mojoz's Coffee-n-Crafts 2/4. But while I know many of those activities will continue, the last few days seem to bring signals of summer's end.

I managed to get to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. I wasn't expecting to get there this year, but it worked out, particularly with the incentive of seeing a glass bead maker at work. Now, I'm even more intrigued by the art. But not only is it an addictive hobby, but too it's expensive, never mind the whole deal about the propane tank and "flame thrower!" Oh, but it's still so tempting!

And, Monday brought Convocation to the college and today our last sessions of Orientation for incoming freshman.

The other sign was that I got to the first of this season's campaign meeting. After all the long drives and trips during last year, working on a County campaign almost ALMOST! sounds like a break. But if you'd like to volunteer to help keep Scott McNamara as Oneida County's District Attorney, head over here and join the team.

It's gotten very cool up here, days and nights. I'm really hoping that the warmth will return. It is August, not November after all. But around here, who knows?