Taking Back

The changes I made to this blog tonight are not reflective of any changes in my politics. But I finally made a new necklace tonight and I'm starting to get over bronchitis, so it seemed to be also a good night to put away the campaign related pieces that have been standard decor here for a good part of the last year.

Like all good keepsakes, they are not gone. They'll be back when the season returns.

There's always something shocking about Election Day ending. All the hard work, the intensity, the teamwork, the lack of eating and sleeping, the too much drive-through fast food

then usually



Granted, this year, it's not nothing. The volunteers are still keeping in touch with one another, folks are making plans to meet, we're all watching CNN to catch a glance of Mike Arcuri and checking the newspapers and already volunteering for the 2008 season. And we're looking at ways to continue the change we started here that highlighted with Election Day.

Just like voting is the least anyone can do, we're looking for "what next until 08?"

I'm trying to catch up with friends and family I've been neglecting for months. Trying to get my cat to forgive me. Getting back to creating things. Reading books.

But it doesn't feel right to not carry on the efforts that it took to make Mike our Congressman. Together, we in the NY 24th, stood up to Cheney and Mrs. George Bush and said loud and clear, "No."

Sadly, we said "yes" to crowning the heir apparent who was the other half of making our sales tax the highest on the country. And tonight, it looks like we said "yea" to a sheriff who caused a car accident while chauffeuring a republican candidate from one political event to another political event, then when he was deemed to be at fault, he set his own fines.

The Crazy Koolade has scrambled so many brains, it's no longer about Right or Left. Now it's about Right or Wrong.

I believe that we do know the difference between Right and Wrong. We learn it. We teach it. And too many of us choose Wrong anyway.

When a military debacle is called "Mission Accomplished," when a pedophile is given sanctuary by civil servants, when civil discussion is called treason, when women are threatened by rape...

There is a war of Values waging. There is an attact on Morality. It's time for us to take back America.