Vote for Mike before Wednesday

If you've ever wished that a national Democratic group would support the kind of candidate you support, now is your chance. The DCCC is asking for your vote to help determine which candidate they will assist. If you support Mike Arcuri, vote now (at least before Wed the 23th) so the DCCC will help too by clicking here.

Early this year, the DCCC called asking me to donate to them. I told them that I wouldn't give them any more funding until they started supporting Democrats of the kind I like. Well, not only will I have to send some $ their way (but only after I've donated directly to the campaign) but these calls for votes gives each of us a chance to get the national group to realize who Democrats support.

Beside, if you don't vote in this, you give up your right to whine about how the national groups work.


Terrorists and Drug Dealers

I missed the Veterans Forum held at SUNY IT last night. A few Mike Arcuri volunteers and I spent the evening at the last night of Jazz Fest in Utica. As much as watching political debate and dialogue is a very fun way to spend an evening, I couldn't complain about spending an evening with fellow Democrats, listening to great music (if you ever get a chance to listen to Blue Streak with Al Nathan, don't miss it!), eating great Japanese food the Geisha, and be outdoors on a beautiful warm night.

But, Utica Insider (not to be confused with other insiders) did get to the debate and posted his/her comments here. From the description there, it sounds like a replay of the first debate.

I wrote earlier about Terror Plot: England, and today, District Court Judge Anna Diggs Taylor agreed with many of us that Shrub's Invation of Privacy Program is indeed unconstitutional.

Only someone with criminal activity in mind opposes law enforcement's tool of surveillance and wiretapping. Like any other tool, it can be used to create or to destroy. Used well, criminals get put away. Used poorly, it gets those criminals back out on the streets among us. That's why there's a judge in the process.

As a Counselor, I was required to tell clients that though what they told me was for the most part protected and confidential, there were times that I could break confidentiality. When someone was at risk of being hurt, I could tell. The other instance I had to tell (usually) was when someone handed me a subpoena. But I'd offer and have the reassurance that I would be ordered to talk publicly about private issues only after a judge reviewed the need for breaching privacy.

That was the safe use of a tool. There was a level of protection that ensured as best as it could that the tool was being used correctly. Oversight. Checks and Balances. Radical notions, but as American as the Constitution.

Ray Meier, at the first debate, said that there was a difference between drug pushers and terrorists. Hey, it's your team, Ray, that's calling it a War on Terror... not War on Only Some Levels of Terror That Changes Depending on What We Want to Scare People With Today.

Yes, there is a difference. But England stopped the potential threat with many of the same tools that the Drug Raid in Oneida County stopped the drugs and pushers. And the good guys stayed on the Good Side.

We can't fight our fears by becoming them. We can't fight evil be becoming evil.


Laugh, Whine and the Real Deal

Wow, Shrub finally achieves something in his own right.
(With credit to Howie Klein at DownWithTyranny!)

Anyway... tonight, I'm sending you over to YouGOMike where there's a powerful piece on why Ray Meier can't and will not talk about the problems facing us and instead chooses the Whine Train through the district (in the old gas-guzzler).

Vote for Michael Arcuri.


Arcuri-Meier Forum is now online!!

Hello, everyone. The Arcuri-Meier Candidate forum of July 25th at SUNY Oneonta is now online. Thanks to SUNY Oneonta Political Science Department for making this available to everyone!


My thoughts on the debate were posted previously here and here, but your thoughts would be a wonderful addition now. Well, at least some of them.