Poetry, Colonials' Basketball and Crafts.

Well, I sat down to continue judging the entries for the Jay Trisalino Poetry Contest that the Utica Writers Club is hosting. But I also realized that the GW Colonial's game was starting. As a student, I barely paid any attention to sports. I know I figured that there might be a relation between bad sports teams and good academics and I did get a great education at GW. But now, as an alumna, I'm excited when GW does well. So, I'm putting off the review of the poems until after the game ends.

Funny how life can change through the years. Back in the GW days, I was editor of GW's Wooden Teeth, the arts & literary magazine. Being able to link to their website does remind me how the years have passed. As editor, I created some waves by putting a request for a typewriter in the annual budget. An electric typewriter yet. Layout was done the old fashioned way back them... type pieces out, cut them out, glue them down onto paper, organize the pages in the write order, then walk the sheets over to the print shop.

Today, I can sit at my computer, even tucked under my quilt, and upload my project to Staples and then just swing by and pick up the final project.

Last night was Coffee & Crafts at Mojoz's and it was so much fun. We spilled out of the back room as more people came that we thought would, but I think everyone had fun. We had eraser carving, clay working and crocheting. I don't know which project I'll take next week, but I'll definitely be there. Crafting, like writing, can be a pretty solitary activity, but crafting can be dome a lot easier with others. And seeing what everyone else does really fuels the creative spirit.

I also decided to start a new blog. I, like everyone else with email, get a good number of forwards. A lot get barely read, if at all, but others are worth the time, usually for a smile or laugh. So, I'm going to start a place to stash the ones that I like. You're more then welcome to send me the ones you like, but I reserve the right to choose the ones I want to post.