politeness and poetry

It's happening... after way more nights than I care to admit of searching through blogs and getting at best too annoyed to sleep, I'm finding that community that I do want to be a part of.

Remember how once upon a time, people talked, shared ideas, even debated... and kept civility and dialog in their interactions? There's a saying in my circles... "Good manners have become so rare, I'll fall in love with them now."

And I've been politely prodded for some poetry and though these days, they tend to start like
there was an idiot from texas
who once....

Instead, I'll post an old one:

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Roses next to orchids next to daisies in a garden;
violet, indigo, blue, green, blend into a rainbow;
stars, the moon, the sun forming the heaven above;
consonants and vowels joining into words.
Differences combining to form meaning;
variations bringing forth beauty,
as grains of sand become a beach
only through the centuries
of working together
creating the world.

There. Thank you, YouGoMike and Utican... now this blog's fitting it's title.


Kory E said...

that was a great poem i loved it and i am glad i got to read it

keep exspressing your self throught poetry it helps alot

am verry glad that you wrote this and that i got to read it

keep wrighting
and have a good day

YouGoMike said...

I was thinking long and hard about what to blog today, and your piece did the trick. I hope I did it justice. Thank you.