more rude behavior

Once upon a time, to be conservative meant maintaining a certain level of constaint whether in clothing, behavior or language. Liberalism was supposedly the outrageous and attention-seeking.

So of course in this alternative universe of the current administration, the VP says "f you" (actually, that's not what he said. He said the whole word. I'm being as family-friendly as I can and still quote him) on the Senate floor where you would think some decorum would be expected from the people who work there. After all, if a visitor can get arrested for wearing a shirt with numbers, what's the consequence of swearing? At the very least, it used to be soap for lunch.

Then Justice Scalia, of the Supreme Court, aka Court of the Supreme Deity, does the above. Now, growing up in Utica where Italian food is considered just food, not ethnic food, we know what that means. It's not used in polite conversations. It does fit in before or after the VPs above comment though.

And now, During his testimony, Gonzales said he was constrained in what he could disclose about the highly classified program. "I do not think we are thumbing our nose at the Congress or the courts," he said."

No, he wasn't thumbing his nose. They don't do that. Yet.

Perhaps they're working their way down the list of inappropriate Kindergarten classroom behavior? By the end of this Badministration, the debates will be down to "you are too" "no I'm not, you are" "no, you are" "no, you are"

Though I guess after that comes a long whiny pathetic "MMMOOOOOOOMMM!!"

Which, I think, is exactly how we got into this nightmare to begin with.

You know though... I rather wish that this administration's offenses were limited to trash talk. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they turn their talk into action.

Secret action, though.

So what's the program that Gonzales' comments should or should not be taken as indicators of its existence or non-existance or whether such a program, if it does or does not exist is legal or not legal.... Are you distracted yet or has your migraine kicked in?!

This is why no one taps their phones... Listening to all that double speak would make heads explode or brains melt.

Domestic wire tapping without judicial oversight.

Before, this Badministration kept insisting that non-Americans didn't deserve the rights that Americans had. That just because we were safe from intrusion by our own goverenment, no one else had that protection. Well, now, Americans have become just like everyone else.

And the Badministration can tap our phones without anyone else knowing, not even the judges who by design in the Constitution (remember that piece of paper?) were a balance and therefor our reassurance that the cause was just and legal.

What's the next right we have taken away? How much freedom must we give up in order to remain free?

Any society that trades freedoms for security deserves neither and will lose both.

There are ways for wiretaps to be used domestically now, legally and justly. There's no reason to think that the process is failing. Rather, our District Attorney Michael Arcuri knows it works and how it works and has used it. He says, "[on] Wiretapping. As a district attorney who has had to apply for many wiretaps, I know that liberty and security are not mutually exclusive, and there are lawful ways that we can protect both."

We need more people in Washington who are interested, able and willing to protect the rights of Americans.


YouGoMike said...

Every time I see Scalia, I think they ought to run him through a car wash.

YouGoMike said...

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maimun said...

As I constantly tell the computer guys at work, I know counseling, not computers. Sorry that you're running into that problem on the forum, and I will pass the message along.

However, the Forum is being worked on and is not yet ready for use. I posted on it simply to test the functionality. I'll post an update here once things are set to go, though at that time, there will be a link from Michael Arcuri's site too.