Where the candidates stand...

From the Observer-Dispatch of march 27, 2006

"Where the Candidates Stand"

"Michael Arcuri


As a district attorney who has had to apply for many wiretaps, I know that liberty and security are not mutually exclusive, and there are lawful ways that we can protect both.

Tax cuts should be aimed first at the working middle class, and the child tax credit should be made permanent. But I oppose tax credits to big oil companies, corporations and the wealthiest Americans at a time when we cannot balance the budget and are forced to make drastic cuts in student aid and health care.

I am proud of our troops in Iraq and grateful for the sacrifices made every day by them and their families. That is why we need a realistic exit strategy based on tangible, achievable benchmarks that allow us to monitor our progress and lead us out of Iraq as soon as possible.

The Constitution protects an individual's right to privacy. I support a woman's right to choose.

Like Congressman (Sherwood) Boehlert, I support stem cell research and would oppose any unreasonable attempts to restrict this research and deny hope to those suffering life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

As a district attorney, my office has prosecuted many illegal gun cases, and we know it is not the legally possessed guns that cause danger to our citizens, but the illegally possessed guns. We don't need more gun laws; we need better enforcement of existing gun laws and more funding for police to enforce those laws.

I oppose unwarranted government interference in the private lives of consenting adults, and I support laws that provide equal benefits for all citizens, to health and life insurance, inheritance and other basic rights like hospital visitation."

And my take on the others:

Anti-terrorist objectives have been met? Did I miss the capture of Bin laden?

Who's traditional values?

Do you really think that laws that protect rights should be changed to no longer protect?

How in the world can a freshman Congressman force this White House to give up profiteering?

Yes, democracy can not be fostered by violating democratic principles!

Just where in the 24th CD is there a stimulated economy?

What was it Yoda said... Who is the fool... the fool or the one who follows the fool?

Is there a movement to repeal the 2nd Amendment that I don't know about?

If civil rights are good enough for Americans, aren't they good enough for everyone else?

I don't make enough to support the Bush Tax Cut.

Good thing I know the question's about stem cell cause at first read, I first thought of produce.

Might be lawful, but there's no moral reason for owning assault weapons.

Slavery was an institution once too... that's not reason enough to continue it.

Now, I've been pretty flip about the other candidates' stands, but also there was nothing in this article to change my mind. Read the article and decide for yourself who's the best candidate.

And a HUGE HUG AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER STEP TO ADULTHOOD for the girl who called me today and said that she read the article and from what the candidates said, she now knows that she's a Democrat!

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