change to this blog

I just wanted to explain a change I'm making on this site.

Recently, a message was left on a comment that was directly for me, but because of the way I set up my blog, it's available for everyone.

I originally set my blog to not moderate any comment left here in the effort to maintain the fast erroding Freedom of Expression. I've always felt that the best responce to expressions that I don't like is more expression that I do like.

But, I realized today that by choosing that setting, I'm also taking away someone's option to say something in private if that's what they prefer to do. And that's as offensive as not allowing someone to speak. I'm sorry I didn't realize that before.

So, as of once I figure it out, all comments left here will be screened by me before they are made available on the site. I will post everything except the following:
-messages requesting that it not be posted
-things I deem offensive or malicious

I also reserve the right to change the above list however I wish.

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