The Fanatics are Winning

And Richard C. Titus of Utica said he'd fly, too.

"I would still take that flight," he said. "It's very important for the terrorists to realize they are not disrupting people's normal way of life."

They are not disrupting people's normal way of life.

OK, I'll grant that an exploding bomb would certainly be more disrupting but I gotta say that I would look at flying anywhere as the last option these days. Not because it's unsafe. Because it's so DISRUPTING.

Can't take my water. No meds unless they're prescription (gee, did the pharacutical companies write that paragraph of the new regulations?!?). No lotion. No contact lenses since no contact lense solution. No make up. No toothpaste. No hair spray. No unexpected-delay toiletries like shampoo or soap.

I thought I heard that 2 dozen people were arrested for allegedly being in this McGyver plot.

24 people managed to ruin air travel for 6,639,505,860 (as of 10:59 on August 11, 2006).

That's what is really scary.

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