The Debate (second half)

Ann C turns Bill gay

OK, this has nothing to do with the debate, but it was just too funny to not share.

Also, my blog no longer seems to show up on Google searches along with the other ones that are by supporters of Michael Arcuri. My rule of thumb is 2 things happening is a coincidence. 3 or more and something's happening. I can only assume that some idiots feel the free speech is only good for themselves.

So, back to the Debate...

Question 8: Please comment on the current situation in the Middle East
MA: Israel has the right to protect itself and we should be assisting a peace process
RM: Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government and Syria and Iran have ties with Hezbollah. Iran and Syria need to be made to stand down.
(Well, he's already mouthing the Badministration line for the next state of the War on Terror and he's not even there yet.)

Question 9: Please comment on Student Aid
RM: tried to expand student aid in NYS. Good student aid would help economy and it should be available for lifetime learning. Unemployment could be tied with relearning
MA: the worst thing this government has done is cut student aid. While economic competitiveness is becoming more and more important, we're making it harder and harder for students to learn. We should be making it easier.

Question 10: Is homosexuality a choice or inborn and would you support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?
MA: This is another issue that's used to divide Americans. The Federal government shouldn't be in the business of defining marriage.
RM: Doesn't know, but scientists seem to be tending to think that it's inborn. States should decide what the definition of marriage is, and historically it's only been between men and women. However, if some states try to make other states accept their definitions, then the federal government would need to do something and in that case, I would support the Constitutional amendment.

Question 11: Does big business/special interest money like drug, tobacco and oil impact campaigns?
RM: look at the FEC filings
MA: will not accept donations from drug, tobacco or oil companies. Wouldn't expect that he'd get any anyway, but after his press conference on Medicare, a drug company called to offer a donation. He declined the offer.

Question 12: How can we reduce our dependence on foreign oil?
MA: We need to reduce the dependence not just of foreign oil, but oil which is a finite resource.
RM: This administration has only done what the last 8 administrations have done. We need to make a serious commitment to conservation and private industry will be able to develop alternative fuels.
Moderator follow-up: would you support drilling in ANWR? [Alaska]
RM: yes, with appropriate safeguards to protect it
MA: no.

Question 13: Abortion
RM: I am pro-life
MA: Women have the right to choose. Abortions should be rare, safe and legal

Question 14: Would you support government assisted health care?
MA: It's unbelievable that we're the leading country on the planet and we don't offer it. It would be the right thing to do. The Citizen Action plan has merit.
RM: would not support a single-payer plan. If we did that, where would the Canadians go if they needed heart surgery?

The candidates ended with closing statements, but I took very few notes, for some reason. Meier again spoke of having a civil discourse and I again listened incredulously. I recommend getting hip boots soon. It's gonna get muddy.

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