I'm drinking tea and playing with my cat.

I gave up trying to get an update from the TV and eventually moved to my computer. If I cause anyone's site to crash, I'm sorry and I'm not working on Lamont's campaign. It's Michael Arcuri that I'm helping.

So, here I am, basically lounging, sipping my tea, music's playing and I'm surfing the internet looking for exit polling. I even called a friend who lives in CT.

Then I came across a diary on Daily Kos that was posting from the Lamont HQ. And they were also posting pictures.

There was something surrealistic about the election night episode of West Wing and the feeling's back again tonight. I don't remember the last Election Night when I was relaxing at home, playing with my cat and drinking tea. But the pictures and frequent updates from HQ bring back the excitement and adrenalin that's the food of the event. And waiting for numbers is a lot easier when I'm doing it with others.

Technology has changed everything.

My brother died a few years ago and my family was thrown into an upheaval that included some of us traveling, meeting up with others, and traveling again. On that day, for the first time I truly appreciated the benefits of the cell phone.

When 9.11 happened, not only were so many of us witnesses of the horrors, but again cell phones made a difference for some people.

A friend regularly chats online with her family who are on the other side of the planet. She can't make it back there for her sister's wedding, so they're going to set up a computer and cam so she can watch everything.

And tonight, I get to relax with my cat and still be in HQ of the Lamont campaign.

At least until the web site crashes.


Sid Asistant said...

Nice title. It makes me miss my cat also. Luckily for him the feeling is on my side only.

maimun said...

aawwwwww.. Sid is a cutey!