I hate headcolds

Just surfacing for a quick gulp of air...

I got hit with the worst cold I ever had and unfortunately, I can still feel it in me. But the crazier weeks of the semester are finally over and another brood of students have flown the coop. I'm one that absolutely LOVES graduation. I love seeing all the students, meeting their family and friends, but more than anything, I love bearing witness to their achieving a goal. And sometimes, I'm lucky enough to really know exactly what they had to endure and overcome to get there.

Like everyone in college, my time there as a student was filled with all the usual ups and downs. Some things felt totally devestating and other things really did change my life. But, for the most part, my challenges those years were fairly middle of the road. But from my side of the desk these days, I know I had it pretty easy. There are things that my student have, do and will face that sometimes seem inbearable. But, somehow, hopefully most, find the way to still reach their goals. I'm grateful that some of them let me in enough to know and hoopefully help. I'm humbled by all of them.

And because of that, it was particularly horrifying that when I apologized to one student for not seeing her at graduation, she replied that not only did I see her, and congratulate her with a hug, but that I also met her family.

Man, I HATE headcolds.

And on top of that, I thought I messed up reservations for my annual treat-to-myself weekend away. Somehow, I did get it all right though I'm really not sure how.

But I did pretty much exactly what I expected and was afraid I'd do. I might have been out of town for my annual retreat, but my heart and head was still working on the Arcuri for Congress campaign. Who would have thought there were as many applications at an art retreat for politics?

Anyway.. this week is a packed week (and it feels even moreso because I've been flat out for 2 weeks). Hopefully, I'll be getting back to my usual soon...

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