Cortland Dairy Parade

I think I will actually sleep well tonight, because I am so tired.

But it's a happy tired. The satisfied tired that comes from working hard and getting something done.

And I'm doing it with a healthy surving of humble pie.

I'm city slicker enough that my first reaction to this political event was "a DAIRY parade?? On a TUESDAY NIGHT?!"

It was the Cortland Dairy Parade and a strong supporter of Michael Arcuri urged us strongly to attend. We can't miss it, he insisted. So, I in Utica, and Mike and Jordan in NYC, fought the clock to get to Cortland in time.

My challenge was that though I'd left early enough with plenty of time to get there, I wasn't expecting to twice get stuck in bumper-to-bumper stopped traffic because of the closing of one lane on 81 South. The "construction" signs were up as were the orange cones that funneled all the traffic into one lane. However, there were no construction work, workers or equipment to be seen.

But, I got there only a few minutes late. Mike and Jordan got there just before the parade was due to start.

Finally after an hour of waiting, we started the stroll down the parade route.

Cortland deserves a HUGE round of applause for the organization and celebration of this parade. People were lined on the sidewalks in layers, children waved and blew plastic horns, squeeled at and hugged Crime Dog McGruff, bags of cotton candy were sold by strolling men as were a variety of stuffed and plastic toys. Behind is was a large columbine (at least, that's what I think is was!) and a block of tractors behind that.

Everyone was so friendly. Children waved and yelled "Hi!" Strangers yelled out "I like Mike" which had us laughing (and had me nodding saying "yes, it's common, but we should still use it). Even after the parade was over and we were returning to where other cars had been left, Cortland residents were walking back to their homes and they were still waving to us.

Although I do have the city slicker side of me, I also grew up in a relatively small town. Parades here, aside from being laughed at on the Letterman Show, are a part of our summer. Memorial Day, July 4th, Firemen, Liberty Bell, Strawberry, Dairy, Tomato, various famous people and who knows what else I'm forgetting.

Small town parades are fun. Watchers and marchers both see friends on the road and on the sidewalk. Co-workers, students and teachers cheer and wave. Its a few hours when most of the communty gathers together and celebrate the different slices of the community.

Thank you, Cortland, for making Michael Arcuri and his campaign welcome!

Next stop... Smithville Flats.


Anonymous said...

I overheard Mike Arcuri Saying Cortland was a "hick dump" though...

At least he could have kept it to himself!

maimun said...

I've posted the above comment only because I like the First Amendment.

Even anonymous dubious speech I don't believe, gets the protection.

Anonymous said...

4:07. Sureeeeeeee you did. Now run along and wash Ray's car.