Living with War

As a child, I was fascinated by my parents' record called "Bangladesh" It was actually a cover by a group called Tribe and it was only years later that I discovered George Harrison and the Concert for Bangladesh. But I found it early enough that listening to music that talked of the changes needed became a part of me.

So it's with a lot of excitement that I logged on tonight to listen to Living with War by Neil Young.

If you're a Democrat...
If your brain thinks...
If your heart feels...

Listen to it.... let others know... download it... let others know... buy it, but from a Blue business!

The whole album is available to listen to and it's there for free. And since I figured out how to do it, you're hopefully hearing it right now.

These are the song titles:
-After the Garden
-Living with War
-The Restless Consumer
-Shock and Awe
-Flags of Freedom
-Let's Impeach the President
-Lookin' for a Leader
-Roger and Out
-America the Beautiful

Now, go listen to the music.

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