Beam me up

I'm one of those people who has enough reality in my life without needing to turn on the TV each night to find it. And I tend to wander off from the current comedy shows. And I'm from the generation that spent way too many hours glued to the television sets, usually sitting too close. These days, I'm pretty content with West Wing and Law and Order.

But every now and then, reality intersects with television and find myself looking around for hidden cameras or Rod Serling.

Now, I'll probably have to turn in my official tricorder for saying this, but Star Trek is a TV show. Well, OK, it was much more than just a TV show. No television show has done what Trek has done over the last 40 years and it reaches far beyond the idiot box that sits in way too many rooms of most houses. Soul of Star Trek does a beautiful exploration of what Trek can be beyond entertainment. It started in entertainment and it has melded into morality, ethics, and ways-to-live.

But we're living in a world now of our own country sanctioning torture, the Constitution slowly being erased, Enron and his brothers, students dropping out of college because they can't afford the gas to drive to school while gas companies are making record profits, etc, etc, etc. These are some of the reasons why I prefer my TV to be non-reality.

So, it was a hidden camera/Rod Serling moments when I realized that AOL's welcome page had breaking news about a new Star Trek movie. Except it wasn't on the Entertainment panel. No, it was NEWS, right up there with a thwarted Columbine copy-cat plan, President Hu of China getting hackled in a press conference in the White House (if all the other conferences weren't so scripted, I suppose I could believe that that one heckler got through in all these years. Nope, the idiot pill's still not working on me...), and the Queen of England turned 80.

What if we're the Mirror Universe?!

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