Hybrid hypocrisy

Sometimes, pointing out the shenanigans of the Republicans feels like laughing at other people's troubles. But when someone slips, it's an accident and even when we do laugh, it's less a laugh at them and more at the things life oft pulls on us. But Republican's cover their walk with banana peel themselves then cry "foul" when we laugh. But when it's not an accident, but rather the reasonably expected consequence of action, yea, we're laughing AT them.

Can you imagine a bunch of Republicans sitting around saying "We gotta do something about these gas prices. Well, something more than just cashing their checks I mean."

"Yea, lets do a caravan in hybrid cars and show how good and green we are."

"I call lead!"

And off they go, petting themselves on their backs at how green they look. Smile at the cameras. Quotes against the cost of gas. Photo shots reminding us it's time to overcome on our dependence on gas. Grimace at the gas prices. Smile at the cameras. Get back in the zippy little hybrid cars to get back to the important business of running this country.

What, you really expect me to believe that hybrids are made without rearview mirrors? I'd sooner believe that their short-term memory is so impaired that they forgot they just left a group of news reporters and camera-people.

But what I'd bet on is that they just didn't care that we'd see them slink back into SUVs for the few blocks to the Capitol Building.

Environmental Republicans.. just looking green is good enough.


Anonymous said...

If that's Hastert, he also lit up a cigar, filled up the tank and went for a nice high fat lunch after the photo op. On our tab. Nothing like leading by example, hey?

maimun said...

That's the scary part. Like bad parents, they insist that we do what they say and ignore what they do. Guess no one told them that actions speak louder than words...