racoon, originally uploaded by MunLtStmpr.

Actually, there were three of them. They're not little but I'm sure they're not done growing yet. Cute as anything but rather disconcerting that they're not spooked off by the deck light, the sound of us trying not to squeal, or the flash from the camera. Other than that, they were acting normal.

I put a bird feeder out this year and have discovered how amazing birdwatching is, even just on my deck. And how resourceful squirrels are... 5 birdfeeders and counting. The first 3 were plastic that they quickly destroyed. The most recent one is supposed to be more squirrel resistant than #4, but we'll see. I'm not very optimistic and don't mind them eating... just annoying to refill the feeder every day. I'm wondering how the raccoons will fare against the squirrels.


DeanB said...

I once had a raccoon climb up the steel spiral staircase to our deck while I was cooking on the deck. That's seven miles from downtown Boston!

Audio said...

Ha! Coons are cute! My dog is terrified of them, and one of my friends has a pet coon and my dog didn't know weather to get petted or cower and bark! :)

ANd the whole squirel problem, I think one of my favorite quotes, with the words exchanged will give you some insight!

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely squirelproof was to underestimate the ingenuity of complete squirels. hahaha!!