Theeeeere Heeeeere!

Saturday morning had me up and out much earlier than my usual hour, but was well worth it. The vultures have returned in a huge venue this year and they like to ride the breeze high above my house. I do feel a bit jealous at their calm floating on the winds as they drift along, as long as I don't remember they're looking for a dead meal.

Well, Saturday, they took a break from the sky and settled onto the trees in the backyard.

Here's half of the venue

And here's the other half (about one house down)

Closer pictures

This one seems to like showing off

much more effective than an alarm clock!

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DeanB said...

Hey Maimun,

I haven't been checking your blog regularly, but when I found the only post in 2 1/2 months this soon after you put it up I couldn't think it was totally coincidence.

I like the "showing off" one and the one below it with the raised wing, particularly.

We rarely see vultures perched around here, though we see plenty flying. We've seen them in trees next door to Arlene's sister's house in northwestern New Jersey.