See How They Run

Well, it took me long enough, but I finally got to view the Utica Boilermaker. It's the largest 15K race in the country and a summertime fixture in the area. I doubt there's a week in the year that goes by without there being something in the paper about the race.

Michael Arcuri has, I believe, usually run the race. This year, Eliot Spitzer also ran. They both ran the 5K this year.

So, I was up at the (insert your own adjective) hour of 5:00 AM and on the sidewalk at 6:30. Democratic supporters from the Mohawk Valley blew up balloons, handed out bumper stickers and palm cards and cheered loudly as our candidates and friends went by.

It was a very early morning for me, especially as I'd spent yesterday at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. It's going to be a while before my legs recover. But it was a lot of fun and inspiring to watch the runners. I was especially struck by the kids who made the run look easy.

I've been working on campaigns for a long time now. I'm having a lot of fun doing new things this year thanks to the Arcuri campaign. Though all the weekend trips next summer will cost me a fortune!


Anonymous said...

If Arcuri was in the race, and Meier was not, why did the Utica OD mention Meier, but not Arcuri, in the coverage about Faso and Spitzer's participation? Does the press not like this campaign?

maimun said...

Good questions. If the OD answers them when you ask them, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think? We are talking about The Observer Neocon Dispatch aren't we? So ray didn't run. Maybe he will move faster when we run him out of office. Typical Neocon. Sit on your ass during the race and then hang out at the end of the race hawking the press.