Major Endorsement Announced

This'll probably come back to bite me, but it's just too funny to pass up.

God has endorsed Michael Arcuri and God wants you (or at least someone named Ned) to make a big donation to him.

Really. He said so on his blog. God, that is. Click here to see for yourself.

And here I've been wishing that I could do a better job of posting my pieces. If, in the midst of everything going on in the Everything, God can still make the time to write a blog, I have no excuse not to write. Then again, He can literally "make time" and I can't.

Seriously though, and I haven't yet read that whole blog other than that one piece, but I get a little suspicious whenever I hear public people talking about God. Whether it's religious or political leaders seeking to pull forth the Day of Judgement, or others saying that God has no business outside the church, I have yet to hear public discussions that reflect my beliefs.

I have had private discussions about God, faith, belief and actions, but most public talk seems to melt down into "Only mine" vs "none" and that's just not a dichotomy that works for me.

But then, killing people to stop abortions doesn't make sense to me either. And those guys arrested in Florida yesterday... did they know that the Sears Tower architect was Muslim?

Anyway, I'll keep being suspicious of those who seem to find it so easy to use God's name in obtaining their wants. I like to think that I'm following the Path, but as Joan of Arc said--- If I'm on the Path, I pray God help me stay there. If I'm not on the Path, I pray He help me get on it.

And one last thought... there's another multiple personality blogger who stated that Mike is not a demon and now God weighs in. I thought this campaign was huge, but I didn't think it was THIS huge! So, click here and do your share to ensure a better future.


Anonymous said...

Dont be silly, God only endorses Republicans and Pat Robertson. Oh and "self employed management consultants".

maimun said...

But, but, but... but it says so right on there that it's God endorsing Mike!!! It's on the Internet, so it's gotta be true, right?!

Besides, all those other times God supposedly endorsed, it was the candidate or Pat Robertson who said they got the endorsement. This time it's on God's own blog!

(OK.. before this goes too far and I get struck down by lightning or have a right-wing nut try to stake me with a silver cross, take a deep breath and understand that I'm being tongue-in-cheek. For the most part.)

Anonymous said...

Day-um why is it you always have to tell Republicans when something is a joke? How come they never get it themselves?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to that Jonathan Cook website. You should do that more often.

Buddy Mac said...

I asked God this:

"Dear God,
Why did you create evil? You know evil...bad...wrong. Like Dick Cheney. Like Ray Meier. Like that horrible little troll from Trumansburg, NY who blogs for Ray Meier?

Please God ...help these new-fangled progressives that would rather lose an election to a Republican devil than have a Democrat who is a good step in the right direction win, understand that by enabling the GOP they are killing and maimiing little children all-around the world, but especially in Iraq. The bombs that are falling in the GOP war are killing babies Lord.

Tell these Neo-Pros that they are making it harder for seniors to live because their property taxes keep going up to pay for tax cuts for the rich. It's getting so they can't afford cat-food to eat anymore God!

God...please tell these extremist, fringe dwelling kooks that their continued sniping against the Democrats makes it easier for the Republicans to help their cronies in the energy industries, causing all of us to have higher bills with colder homes in the harsh winters that many in America endure.

God.....make these hypocrites understand that the politics of personal destruction is most evil of all. Lying about, or spreading malicious gossip about another person is neither a Liberal nor a Progressive value.

And Lord?...make this new breed of fascists understand that censorship isn't a Liberal/Progressive value either. Never was...never will be."

maimun said...

10:45... verrryyy innnnterrresssting... that must be the non-manic, but meglomanic personality's site.

Buddy, please post your questions to God on his blogsite.

Buddy Mac said...

"Buddy, please post your questions to God on his blogsite" - M

I did but God found my comment unworthy and censored it.


Anonymous said...

I think that all this is bad going on up here. My friends and I consider ourselves independants, and while just trying to learn about the different candidates all we see when we search is a bunch of squabbles on both sides. Who CAN we believe?

Maimun,you look like the voice of reason...

Please have Mr. Arcuri tell us his stands on his website more often, that way we won't have to sort out all this strange fights.

A younger generation is listening to an older generation make more mess of things.

E, G, K & J in limbo...

Anonymous said...

Which on of his sites are you talking about? The guy blogs all day. He's got more voices than Mel Blanc had. He's a "management consultant" you know. He consults with himself. Then he agrees.

maimun said...

E,G,K, and J,

Thanks for the compliment. Your perception on the issues part of Mike's web site isn't only yours and the campaign is in the process of making some changes there.

But, I also recommend that you not rely too heavily on the official campaign web sites for your information. Listen to the candidates themselves, pay attention to the debates, check out facts for yourself. When I got into politics, I was part of the younger generation, but maybe because I work with college students or because I've always been more interested in the issues of younger people, I still feel a responsibility to the Next Gen. That's why I advise my college's College Democrats.

But don't be passive in deciding who to vote for. Ask questions, listen, evaluate and understand.

Also, get a good understanding of the positions people are running for. I don't remember who it was, but there was a candidate at a debate I attended who pledged to do something that the position he was seeking had nothing to do with. This takes some digging sometimes. But it's worth it.

If you have specific questions on issues, send me a comment and include a way to respond to you and I'll see if I can get you answers. No promises though!

Norway said...


It's sweet in principle to say, "Listen to the candidates themselves," but what if the candidates only deign to come to your part of the district for overpriced fundraisers?

He should have a better website. A much better website. I'm glad he's working on it.

maimun said...

Norway, yes, I'll be the first one to say that a good number of the fundraisers are well priced.

But if there's an event or a meeting down your way that would be a good opportunity for a candidate to meet voters, let the candidates know!

One of the biggest challenges in this district is dealing with media, publicity and event planning. Not just political things, but just interesting events often get lost in the black hole of information.

The campaign cycle is now moving into the voter contact stage, so hopefully you'll get to hear Mike with your own ears soon.