Where in the 24th? (ETA)

In the choice between Michael Arcuri and Ray Meier, who do you plan to vote for?

I ask because a teacher, even though he's retired and I'm long passed my high school years, once again got me to see more than I saw. Not too long ago, I put up a Frappr map here because I was so enjoying so much of NYS as I helped on the campaign for Michael Arcuri for Congress. I just put up tags on the places I've visited, but thought nothing more of that.

Tonight, I saw said teacher and he commented on my campaign pin. As we talked further, he told me he was supporting Mike. When he came to this site, he asked to be added to the map.

My first reaction was to respectfully decline saying that it was just a plain map showing locations. But before I sent the message, I realized that the map could be not just a tally of places, but also an interesting visual of all the people supporting Mike.

So, if you're a supporter of Michael Arcuri, send me a response telling me why (only for my eyes... I can't do anything if you lie, but that's between you and your soul), include your email, and I'll send you an invite to the map.

Sad stuff:
I hereby reserve the right to remove people for violating nettequite.
The Arcuri for Congress campaign has no responsibility over the map and the two do not interact.
This map has been posted for fun, curiousity, and solidarity. I will dissolve it should that spirit be threatened.

ETA: Forgot to add this last night... Your comments with email addresses will not be posted to this site should you respond to this posting. If you want your comments to be made public, post them WITHOUT your email address and ask that I make it public. I'm not saving emails and you're not going to get added to any list. If you want to volunteer on Mike's campaign, click here.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Utica isn't on this map, a testimony to how much our politicians in Albany have helped us.

maimun said...

Actually, no, the politicians in Albany weren't podding through me to control the map I set up. Rather, it was another case of forgetting what's in my own back yard, though the July 4th parade remedied that.

Besides, if I had to put in EVERY meeting/event/etc that I attended, the map wouldn't be very interesting.