On the Road to Smithville Flats

It was Smithville Flats Days in Smithville Flats, NY. I was again on the road for the Michael Arcuri campaign. We were there for a parade and on the way back, we stopped at 2006 Wet Paint, an arts celebration in Oxford, NY. Unfortunately, the wet weather put a damper on the Wet Paint celebration.

The weather wasn't all that friendly, though once again the people were. Maybe that sums up living in Central NY. At least today, I remembered to grab a jacket. As much as I was glad for having it, I really wish I'd thought to put on socks and sneakers instead of spring sandals. Silly me.. I thought it was June.

When I moved back here after living in Washington, I had the hardest time trying to fall asleep. It was just too quiet. But I've been here long enough now and with the memories of growing up here that I can find contentment living here.

There's nothing like small towns that still embody community. Kids playing across backyards, neighbors visiting on front porches, neighbors watching over the said kids, and everyone knowing each other.

And in spite of the grey skies and occasional rain, driving though the 24th Congressional district is sheer joy. Add good company and this is more fun than I've had in a very long time. The landscape is often breath-taking. The wildlife is humbling.

Though there are dangerous temptations out there too. I've been finding more used book stores and really need to start mapping those out so I can get back to them. Today's test was a rubber stamping store in Oxford, NY, the Creative Stamper. I don't think I failed the test.... I just didn't spend a fortune there today. Which is pretty impressive, I think, because they carried not only paper arts supplies, but jewelry-making supplies too.

Who knows... maybe tomorrow I'll even get a little time to play.


9i7ox3 said...

It is good to learn that someone is on the road for the Arcuri campaign. This has been a stealth campaign so far! I don't get the Smithfield Flats or Oxford papers, so can you say if there was good local press coverage?

Any chance of campaign events in the western end of the district? Please let people know in advance if you do!

maimun said...

9i, I'm not sure what the press is in either of those towns, but the turnout and support we saw in Smithville Flats was encouraging. Our stop in Oxford was another volunteer and myself, but was pretty much rained out. Though someone saw our shirts and after asking some questions about Mike asked for a pile of palmcards to pass out.

Certainly we'll be letting people know as early as possible about events that are open door, but walking in parades, meeting organization members formally, and house parties really aren't the best way to get a chance to talk with any candidate unless you happen to be on those proverbial lists.

Sometimes, as people interested in politics, just because our hemoglobin takes on the shape of partisan critters, we often forget that not everyone is interested in November elections in June. Especially in a district this vast and annoyingly shaped, holding open houses this early just doesn't get the attention that would justify the shifting of attention from the fundraising and formal meetings.

But, I stopped and bought a map of NY State today with the intention of highlighting all the roads I've been on and the special interests spots that I've found along the way.

I've watched the last 14 years worth of Democratic Congressional candidates campaign, but with Mike, I've now also got to see the district as well as meet the residents and experience the regional specialties. If I wasn't so tired, I'd envy him seeing so much more than I have.

As for your comment that this has been a stealth campaign... set a google news alert for Mike's name and you'll get notified of not only the District press coverages, but also the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and the LA Times. If our goal was stealth, uh oh.

Norway said...

Maimun--I appreciate your descriptions and map, but I wasn't aware that Mike had EVER been in Ithaca!?? When was that?

9i7ox3 said...

I checked the Finger Lakes Times online archive. That is the paper which covers the western part of the district. In the past month, there were two articles mentioning Arcuri. One described Ray Meier's campaign stop in Geneva yesterday, the other Ken Camera's effort to get the city council to call for end to the Iraq war.

I think Arcuri was not mentioned in articles covering Jones' withdrawal from the race, or Meier's campaign stop in Seneca Falls a couple weeks ago.

It doesn't look any better at The Citizen in Auburn.

I hope the formal meetings include the editorial boards of these papers!
The people at the end of the distict away from Utica need to know more about Mike Arcuri than the can learn from articles about Ray Meier. These newspapers can be valuable in helping the electorate understand what the candidate stands for, and what kind of a person he is. Sure it is still the getting to know you stage, but it is an important stage in a campaign.

Just next door in NY-29, Eric Massa is getting a ton of press in his campaign to unseat Randy Kuhl. His campaign is helping Democrats nationally feel that it's possible to take the House this fall. NY-24 is a critical district if that is to happen. Is the Arcuri campaign engaging those Democrats? Some may not have a competitive race at home, and could be an important a source of publicity and fund raising? There are dozens of free online venues where they can be reached.

maimun said...

Norway, off the top of my head,I don't remember when I went to Ithaca with Mike and the campaign, it was for the NYS Democratic Rural Conference. I'm not remembering other campaign trips since I'm not the only one on the road.

When he went to Tioga county he was directly asked that since Ithaca and Cornell are not in the 24th District, would he not support them? Because I knew his dad, I had to laugh when he said that if he didn't support Cornell, his dad wouldn't be happy.

9i, you sound like the kind of brain that current politics can use. If you'd like to help Mike or Democrats, drop me a note and I'll try to connect you to something you might like to get active with. (If you want to help thed other sided of aisle, I can live with it too)

I'm not sure what the defaults are for the Fingerlakes Times search, but if you expand the dates, the other hits show. The Citizen's article did make me chuckle as it referred to the "previous enforsements" of the Dems there, but obviously didn't see fit to print them when they did endorse Mike. LOL