Daring to Try

There's something always exciting about facing a challenge and overcoming it. As a counselor, I get to help others with that process and once a year I have the honor of watching students graduate often knowing what they had to face beyond tests and papers.

But we all have personal challenges to deal with.

There's a local art show sponsored by Munson Williams Proctor Institute that I've enjoyed visiting for years. I've always been lucky enough to have artistic friends, but just as I've never taken a political science class, neither have I taken a formal art class.

But art has come to be a serious hobby for me. And there are some days that it's a lot more than a just a hobby. There are some days where making something creative is the best counterbalance for some of the other aspects of the day.

But past week I took the plunge and submitted a piece to the Sidewalk Art Show. I've thought of doing it for the last few years, but it's a juried show. My usual justification for not doing it was that the submission day was the day that I leave for my annual get away. The stronger reason, most simply, was that I just was too chicken.

So I had to laugh as I was leaving the museum and the guard commented "Well, that didn't take long."

"Actually, it probably took like 15 years," I answered.

Dropping the piece off didn't take long. Working up the courage to do so probably took too long.

And yesterday, I got the postcard telling me that my piece had been accepted for display!


Biggus Dickus said...

Congratulations on the show! It really is amazing the amount of talent they're able to put on display year after year, particularly in a community this size. Can I ask what medium you use?

Your friend forever,
Biggus Dickus

maimun said...

Thanks, bidi. Among other things, I've been doing soft-block prints for years and that's the piece I submitted.

YouGoMike said...

Wish you would post photos of some of your work.

maimun said...

One of these days, I will get back to the artsy stuff, but I don't think it'll be anytime soon. I'm sure eventually I'll post some of my pieces here, but you'll just have to go find it at the Sidewalk show for now.