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To say that this election cycle has been different than 2006's doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm not all over the place and the hours are much kinder to my 2 year older body and soul. And that there's a Presidential Election this year just adds a whole other dimension to the days.

There are some volunteer-made Arcuri buttons still floating around, I don't know how well all those iron-oned tee shirts have held up, and this was the one other craftiness I was able to do then:

I first got into politics with the Clinton-Gore election in '92. One of the features of the office back then was a a stock pile of white poster board and markers. There were probably times when the number of hand-made campaign signs outnumbered the official ones.

Well, in the years since, I've discovered the crafter in me and have found great joy in making... cards, prints, jewelry, pottery, beads, books, centerpieces, and who knows what else.

So, it's been really exciting to see the creativity that the Obama campaign has inspired, directly or indirectly, formally or informally. And it has been as frustrating with not having the time to add my craftiness to the mix.

Two night of insomnia resulted in these from me
These are some creations of others that I really like:
yea.. it's made of beans and a whole lotta patience by boogaloo on Craftster.

Moveon-org held a craft contest and this piece honoring That One was made before he was dubbed that:

Spelling for Obama:
Spelling Change.com

Design for Obama has over 300 posters that you can download and print. Seriously... over 300. This one
is breath-taking in it's detail. It's done by an illustrator. Each line is hand written (yes words) and the poster really needs to be printed out to be appreciated.

This:pretty much sums up all the visual candy here

The Obama Craft Project not only exceeded its campaign fund raising goal, but also works hard to collect all the creativity in one place.

The Obama Art Report lets readers know what's happening in the print art Obama world and where to get your hands on some. If you are fast enough.

Ok, pumpkin carving season is pretty much over, but take a look at what's offered at Yes We Carve.

30 Reasons offers a poster every day.

Then, there are the official Barack Obama campaign creative efforts.

Clothing designers at Runway to Change

Musicians at Yes We Can. Listen here.

Visual Artists at Artists for Obama.

I like creative people. They make things. They make things happen.

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