Craft Night in Utica

Even a year ago, I was managing to do a better job of keeping up with things here. I'd love to blame it on the bead-making class, but that's really just part of it.

One of the joys of getting older is in still being surprised by yourself. As a child, I rather quickly became a practical, serious one. I used to love art class, but once it became an elective, it was no longer an option. Playing the violin lasted at most a year beyond art class. Eventually, the only creative outlet I did use was writing and that has managed to last most all my life in some form, though in more recent years, mostly as professional genre.

So it was rather a stunning revelation that I still liked a broad range of creative arts. Even more stunning was that I often like what I make.

So, when recently I'd been asked by several folks unconnected to each other, if Mojoz's Craft Night was still meeting, I figured that it was time to try again. All the creative play people engage in touch upon a vast array of needs. Creative, spiritual, recreational, developmental, exploration and any other incentive with which a person creates something, it's often a solitary endeavor. But if social can be added to the mix, everything is that much more creative, spiritual, recreational, developmental or exploratory. And it's a lot more fun too!
Mojoz's is at the corner of Culver and Albany in Utica.


DeanB said...

Hey Maimun, you're entitled to like what you make, certainly the eraser carvings are magnificent.

Say, were you watching when the recent Mars mission landed? My daughter & son-in-law were with us in Maine when it was going on and he had the NASA site on his computer, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been tuned in, but it was amazing being able to have the news as soon as the people who did it.

DeanB said...

I haven't seen anything on the presidential nomination contest here. Were you conflicted? Will you be working enthusiastically for Obama? I've been supporting him all along, and Arlene likes him a lot. I do think that in the future a candidate's gender will be a non-issue.