New and Improved. Well, at least New.

As you can see, I've played around with my template and got a whole new look here. I think it much better represents me than what was previously being used.

Sadly, the change also means that many of the links/images/etc that were previously posted have been lost. If you really need me to track any of them down, please leave me a comment and I will do my best, but no guarantees, OK? Otherwise, for now, I'm going to leave them lost in the grand universe.

To those of you who pop in here ever so often, sorry for the lack of updates for the last forever. I've been crafting and playing with my cat more than anything else these days. I plan to continue with Mike Arcuri's re-election campaign, though the Clinton and Obama elections are also intriguing me.

I've been keeping an eye on the Presidential race. For a long time, I've debated seeking a spot as a Delegate, but just never felt it strongly enough. I think this year would be a fascinating time to be a Delegate. But I've also been enjoying a number of conversations with college students about the Elections and voting. Younger voters always have a lot more at stake than anyone else with elections and I hope they get involved this year.



DeanB said...

Glad to see you've updated. I do like the new template. Eyes on the sky! I got out binoculars for the lunar eclipse and thought maybe I could tell that Saturn wasn't just a plain circle but had something that suggested rings around the middle. Couldn't be sure at that magnification (7x). Do you look at spaceweather.com every now and then? Usually a great source for sky/astronomy photos.

I started carving an owl from one of those photos that (was it Debbie Kiest's brother took?) were posted on the carvers' list, but haven't finished it.


DeanB said...

Oh, also, I was wondering which side you were on in the presidential race. Arlene's conflicted, too. I'm with Obama but I don't like that thing about telling the Canadian gov't "just kidding the voters about trade policy." But I think Hillary has been very divisive and has accumulated too many opponents to be as effective with congress as Obama would be able to be.