Everyone's born the same--- except Democrats and Republicans

Groucho Marx said that.

Psychology Today has an article, The Ideological Animal, on psycho-social differences between self-described liberals and conservatives.

It certainly explains a lot of the uummm... shall I call them challenges of my dating life. I supposed now it's documented why the last guy I was forced to endure thought the Big Thiefs of Enron were right to maximize their own self interest and why I couldn't bring myself to leave the said guy abandoned on the side of the road. No matter how much I wanted to!

It's a long, detailed article but well worth the time to read if you like trying to figure out what makes people tick.


Librocrat said...

Right... But Liberal/Conservative is like the Man/Monkey evolution argument. Sure, conservatives may share our DNA, but do you really want to date a Monkey? They fling poo!

And so do Monkeys.

maimun said...

I always feel bad when we compare the Repukelicans to monkeys... Monkeys are actually pretty impressive beings.