Lying Liars and the Lies they Love

OK, the Conservatives need to stop drinking that wacky kool-ade. It's making my head spin.

The same National Conservative Weekly that created the "sex-phone call" story and then disproved it, just did it again with their latest skit with the NRCC attacking Mike Arcuri.

Here's what they wrote about the "sex-phone call"
A close examination of those expense reports reveals that Arcuri billed taxpayers in 2004 for a call to a phone-sex number. [potentially offensive material removed by me] The phone number appears on Arcuri’s hotel bill. He was attending the New York State District Attorneys Association conference in New York City at the time.

(This afternoon, after this story was posted, I was informed that the number in question, 800-457-8462, was accidentally dialed instead of 518-457-8462. The latter number is for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. However, this new information raises questions about why Arcuri dialed his calling card, 800-255-2255, just one minute after hanging up on the phone sex hotline, as his hotel bill indicates. The campaign has still not returned my calls seeking an explanation.)
Here's what they wrote today about the rapist who's still in jail:
The ad begins with a photo of a man named Thomas Griffiths, who the announcer says served time for felony sex abuse and was later jailed for another sex crime. After Griffiths cooperated with the Oneida County district attorney's office, one of Arcuri's deputies wrote a letter on Griffiths' behalf to the parole board. But Griffiths was arrested again after his release, leading the announcer to accuse Arcuri of breaking his promise to "create a safer community."

According to the New York State Department of Correctional Services, which has a searchable database of Thomas Griffiths' records, he was arrested for sex-related crimes in 1990 and 1994. When up for parole in 1998, Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Scott D. McNamara wrote a favorable letter that apparently had little impact (Griffiths remained in the system for four more years). But just 18 months after his release, he was arrested again for criminal possession of a controlled substance. He is still serving out his sentence.
Hello?? If you need a phone call to explain to you what dialing a wrong number means, you have no business anywhere near a phone. Or a keyboard for that matter!

Thank you for showing why the ads are what cows leave behind. I finally understand the phrase "never argue with an idiot... he'll bring you down to his level then beat you with experience."

What's Bushspeak for "someone who lies to you while telling you he's lying, but calls it Truth"?

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