Blue Moon, We're not Standing Alone

I haven't been a big fan of the DNC or DCCC for a while. I'm still a Democratic committee member and am a true believer that if you're not in the game you give up your right to bellyache. And I almost always have an opinion.

So, when the previously named groups ask for my continued financial support, I told them not until they get back to continued support of Democrats and not Repukelican wannabes.

They're getting there. I'm not trustful of rapid, radical change. Anything that's changed that fast can be again changed that fast, so I can live with steps in the right direction.

DCCC took one last week.

Michael Arcuri was named to the "Red to Blue" program, a program launched in February to take back the House majority.

Obviously, the Bandministration thinks that Mike can take the NY 24th into the Blue, too. Why else would the first shot be the Creepy Veep himself?

But, more than red or blue, we've been mostly purple around here.

Most NY24thers believe that we were lied to to get us into a war we shouldn't be in.

Most believe that we should get out, but in a way that doesn't create more harm than we've already done.

Most believe that a minimum living wage should be a national standard.

Most believe that a woman has the right to choose, but how much better if prevention were stronger?

Most believe that we are a nation of immigrants and to be otherwise dishonors our grandparents.

Most believe that everyone should have the chance to go to college.

Most believe that it is a national shame that too many Americans need to choose between food, rent and medicines.

Most believe that national security and civil rights are not mutually exclusive.

Most believe that gas costs unfairly too much.

Most believe that the American government, from city halls to the White House should be open and honest.

These are Democratic values. They are also American Values.

We've been Blue all along.

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