Port security

More proof that we're really the ones in the Alternate Universe...

I'm rather surprised at the brewhaha rising from the sale of the British company to a UAE company whch provides security services to the USA major ports.

I have no problem with a UAE company, British company, Mexican, Canadian or Vulcan for that matter.

But, there are 2 aspects of this deal that offends me.

One... why do we need to spend American dollars on the other side of the border? Places I've worked and my own shopping preferences is to keep the local dollars local.

Two... Does Bush really expect me to believe that there is no American company that can provide security services at the ports?

Maybe Bush and Cheney are just waiting til Halliburton develops a division so it can get that federal contract too?

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azim655 said...

...I recall the comments made by the administration following the devestation visited upon NYC on 9/11. At that time the statement 'connecting the dots' was evoked. I am reminded now, that they were incapable of thinking outside the box, so found it unlikely to think that planes might be used as missles. They tell us that they have reviewed this transaction and give it their blessings. Anyone in his/her right mind should be concerned about this. The administration does not inspire trust because they are rabidly secret. This transaction is a case of the chickens coming home to roost. Sadly this imbroglio could have been avoided if true bi-partisanship existed in