but only for a quick gasp for air and it's once more into the breech.

Some days, it just feels like the best I can do is to grab a quick breath, gobble a quick bite to eat, hope a few hours of sleep are enough and get on to the next day. We're in the midst of Fall now and the days of sitting in the sun, reading or writing, or just listening to the singing birds while my cat naps in the catnip tub are gone until Spring.

It's already cold enough to wear socks in the house and my gloves are in my coat pockets. The heavy winter quilt came out over a week ago.

You'd think all this cooling down would also mark a slowing down. A readying for hibernation. But not quite yet. First we much gather the winter supplies, line our nests and burrows with whatever will hold in warmth, get out the sweaters and make sure we have enough socks.

Come December, we'll huddle under the quilts, a good book once again picked up, with a steaming cup of tea and rest...


Zakaria Chowdhury said...

Human being itself is a part of nature and really nice to see ur descrption of the nature and seasons !!!

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